Day 37 - A summer night and a broken binding


Last night was really, really special. The wind died down completely, and the sun shone on the side of the tent. The tent got really hot, scorching hot, and it couldn't be cooled because opening the tent door didn't help since there was no wind. We tried to sleep naked directly on the sleeping pads, and the sleeping bags were adjusted as sun protection. It didn't provide us with good sleep. Fortunately, by early morning, the sun had turned a little, and there was a slight breeze. The contrast was quite remarkable compared to, for example, yesterday morning: when we made satellite phone calls to home with mittens on our hands as it was so cold.

Due to the heat of the night, in the morning, we thought about wearing fewer clothes for skiing so as not to burn while skiing. Fortunately, this was not done because on the first leg, a really freezing wind came up, about 8 m/s. That subsided later, and the rest of the day was spent skiing in gorgeous skiing weather.

On the fifth part of the day, Mikko's ski suddenly fell off his leg. It shouldn't do that. Investigation revealed that the binding was broken: both arms, which, when twisted from the latch, close the ski shoe inside an iron, broke. Fortunately, we had an extra binding with us, and the bindings were fastened with screws: changing the bandage was a relatively quick procedure, even in freezing weather. This is the picture of the day. Now let's just hope that the rest of the bindings hold up…

Location-86.774173, -82.552953
Altitude1957 m
Temperature-20 °C
Wind6 m/s SE
Ski hours9 h
Distance29.2 km (3.2 km/h)
Cumulative768 km
Remaining359 km
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Mikko's broken binding