South Pole 2020 - unassisted & unsupported

Two experienced guys - Mikko Vermas and Tero Teelahti - ski from Hercules Inlet to the geographic south pole during South Pole season 2020-21. This feat is done unsupported, i.e. all gear, food and gasoline will be towed in sleds from the beginning. Trip is also unassisted meaning that there will be no kites or similar to assist skiing.

1130km40-50days110kg sled weight

Total weight of all gear in the beginning is about 110 kg. Total skiing distance is 1130 km. As if this wouldn't be enough, South Pole is on top of thick glacier which makes all the way uphill resulting in about 3000 m height at the pole. The estimated duration for skiing is about 45 days. Even though expedition takes place during the Antarctic summer the conditions are harsh; there will be plenty of gold and wind.

All of this combined makes the trip an extreme physical effort.

Mikko Vermas

Mikko is shooting for his third pole: he has skied to North Pole unsupported (2006) and climbed to Everest (2010).

Tero Teelahti

This Tero's second unsupported pole; he has skied to North Pole during 2006 season.