ALE briefing


Today we went shopping for a couple of missing items. We e.g. needed one more big duffel bag to get all our stuff to the airplane to Antarctica. On our way there we went to the beach to check our satellite communications: we sent and received a message. Everything worked fine, just like in Finland pre-trip.

For lunch, we have visited already three times a local, tiny market hall. It is always crowded and people queue to get into one of the small restaurants. Each of them has around 10 seats, and the food taste fluctuates a lot. But we've had a good lunch on all of them and the price/quality ratio is excellent.

In the evening we attended our ALE briefing. They went through the upcoming days before our departure, and what happens in Union Glacier. We also went through all the safety stuff like phone numbers and such. We didn't learn much new, but it was super nice to meet people we have been interacting with for three years already.

At the ALE office, there were lots of pictures of previous expeditions. Many familiar names there.

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Images of previous expeditions