Baggage weighing


Today's agenda included transporting our flight baggage to ALE offices, weighing them, and checking in to our flight.

Waking up in the morning the schedule was still to fly to Antarctica tomorrow. Therefore we did the normal last day ceremonies: carried all of our 12 packages by the road (check image below; thanks Sea to Summit for the dry bags, each and every one is in good use). From there the stuff was picked by a lorry and transported to ALE warehouse.

We walked to the same warehouse. Upon arrival we checked in, did a COVID-19 test, and weighed the baggage with ALE crew. Our total weight was 219 kg, which is apt since we had reserved and paid for 220 kg.

Thereafter we had lunch and started waiting for the flight confirmation. And waiting. And waiting. Finally at 8 pm we got the message, but unfortunately contents of it were wrong: our flight would delay with another 24 hours. We'll learn more tomorrow evening.

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All our flight baggages