The winds picked up, the planes didn't


Based on the previous night's order, the tent was put down in the morning, and the gear was made ready to go. After breakfast, the delay was announced again, and a couple of hours later, it was plainly obvious that there would be no flight today.

The weather forecast predicts stormy winds for tomorrow, Friday, so everything here has been fixed more tightly to the snow. It is very likely that there will be no flights for the next couple of days, so we will sit here and gain weight for a while longer. There is a huge amount of margin in our schedule, so nothing is jeopardized, even if we only get to start after a week. This delay also has positive effects: the weather is getting warmer all the time, and as Tero got the sniffles, he has now time to get better while waiting.

Today's photo shows a lounge tent, which has become very familiar while waiting.

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Cloudy Camp