Hercules Inlet!


Today at 18:45 airman Timmy came to meet us and announced that there will be a flight after dinner. The gear should be ready before we eat. It was precisely 15 minutes from that moment to the start of the dinner, so there was quite a bit of hassle.

We crammed our stomachs full of food and piled into the plane. Hedvig and Nick were also there, so the Twin Otter was packed to the ceiling. A 20 min flight and we were in the bay called Hercules Inlet. We landed quite far from the bottom of the bay, so we decided to ski about 3.6 km to the actual starting point, i.e. the shore of the mainland. We left another 300 meters in reserve so that we will surely start the journey tomorrow far enough.

The tent was up, and the men were inside shortly before eleven. Some sleep and tomorrow, the real action begins. After all the waiting, joy is sky-high.

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Hercules Inlet