Day 7 - Sunny skiing weather


Today it happened: sunny throughout the skiing day, without a cloud. There was still a strong fresh breeze at times, but the importance of that light and visibility for the mood cannot be underestimated.

For the first seven legs, the wind direction was sideways to our travel direction. It practically means that all wind-formed masterpieces of snow are transverse. So, it wasn't too easy. This is probably just right for us.

Today's photo shows Tero and his friend Raimo Vormisto. The latter took his ski skirt and used it as a belly warmer.

Location-80.692048, -80.151003
Altitude771 m
Temperature-5 °C
Wind7 m/s S
Ski hours8 h
Distance19.8 km (2.5 km/h)
Cumulative90 km
Remaining1035 km
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Tero and Raimo Vormisto