Day 15 - Despite the whiteout, a schlong was seen


(Translators note: today’s text is written by Mikko, and the translator fails to capture the sophisticated and delicate linguistical nuances he is famous for)

Yesterday's good-natured skiing ended with approx. 25 km performance in a perfect whiteout. The last couple of legs in the evening were a total instrument flight, and when setting up the tent, a light snowfall also started. In the evening, while boiling water for the next day and preparing dinner, the talk already turned to the next day's skiing weather. We knew from experience that a whiteout combined with snowfall means a really painful skiing day. As professional artic chaps, we didn't stay on the subject that long, but we put the spiritual sleeping balls of the old timers into a stash and set off on a journey of hope to Valhalla.

In the morning, while boiling water, we did the usual weather check from the front door and at first glance, we decided that we would stay put for today. The wind was quite strong, but the snow was falling from the sky rather heavily, with a maximum visibility of 10 m. We messaged the Norwegian boys (Nansen expedition) about our decision, and they acknowledged quite quickly that they had made the same decision. Tero was especially pleased by this message because he was afraid that we were the only wimps in Antarctica.

Spending the break day has been cozy in the style characteristic of men. Tero's overclocked processor constantly requires various external stimuli, and the biggest fear seems to be feeling idle and accidentally falling asleep. You see, falling asleep may ruin the quality of a well-planned night's sleep and affect the ski performance of the next day's third hour. So, for Tero, the day has largely been spent (6 hours) watching the Blacklist series. Mikko's break days on expeditions have followed the same pattern for almost a quarter of a century. As magi with a fertile inner mental landscape, he usually falls into a dream-like hibernation. The goal of this state is to achieve a connection with the Source. Usually, this step takes 3-4 hours. The man himself claims to be the missing piece of the field of quantum and relativity theory. After the connection is established, the days always go smoothly, either with colorful memories or future manifestations. Time travel in the corners of the mind, from the womb to the grave, provides a nice change to everyday expedition life. Despite the different approaches to spending a day off, men have a lot in common. Every now and then, both want a kettle of popcorn and moonshine flavoured with a dash of cocoa, and the next one is ready right NOW.

…oh, what about that LE SCHLONG? Mikko's belly has shrunk so much that IT is now visible again when he pees!

Location-82.046267, -80.49605
Altitude847 m
Temperature-13 °C
Wind2 m/s NE
Ski hours0 h
Distance0.0 km (0.0 km/h)
Cumulative241 km
Remaining884 km
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