Day 19 - Member of the limb fixers from Nokia


Today was the most "normal" day in a long time: all day skiing in fairly stable conditions. The skiing weather was almost perfect, but the platform remained uniformly sticky and unnecessarily bumpy. According to our intelligence, around 83 degrees, it starts to level off (but unfortunately remains sticky). As it looks now, we will cross 83 tomorrow.

In the photo of the day, Mikko, a member of the limb fixers from Nokia, opens Tero's upper back jams; the skiing and tent positions have done their job and help was needed.

Location-82.797145, -80.534873
Altitude1102 m
Temperature-10 °C
Wind3 m/s SW
Ski hours8 h
Distance21.7 km (2.7 km/h)
Cumulative325 km
Remaining801 km
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