Day 23 - Tough day


There's not much else to say about this day other than that title. It was heavy. The same new snow is rolling in this area, and there was no shortage of sastrugi either. The first nine-hour was pulled, but we still got less than 25 km. And the Achilles tendons remember the day even now in the evening. But this is not an emergency day; the terrain will get better. If not tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow. Or next week.

In the photo of the day, Tero's “got too much power, the gear can’t take it" moment: the link of the pulling harness snapped in the middle of the pull. It must have been a second-rate paracord. A knot was an emergency repair; a new string had to be fixed in the evening.

Location-83.392407, -80.763467
Altitude1200 m
Temperature-20 °C
Wind8 m/s S
Ski hours9 h
Distance24.2 km (2.7 km/h)
Cumulative391 km
Remaining735 km
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Tero's fixed gear