Day 30 - Halfway there


Today was the easiest day of the trip so far in terms of terrain. The sun was still shining and it felt like a spring trip to Lapland. We ended up in Thiels Corner for the night next to a rugged airplane stopover and refuelling site. Today's photo shows airport technology.

Halfway milestone. What next? We now have 30 days of travel under our belt and 24 more days of food and fuel left. That's more than enough. Our plan is:

  • 5 days of skiing
  • Rest day
  • 14 days of skiing to get there.

With this distribution, we will be at the destination on ski day 51. The plan has 3 extra days in case something goes south. And it is even possible that everything will go better than expected and we will arrive a day earlier.

Location-85.082282, -80.780418
Altitude1337 m
Temperature-15 °C
Wind2 m/s S
Ski hours9 h
Distance29.3 km (3.3 km/h)
Cumulative580 km
Remaining547 km
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Thiels Corner