Day 31 - Strange weather


Today we woke up in the morning to almost windless, sunny weather, however, to a cold one. It's hard to say how cold it is when the meter is still constantly showing plus degrees but based on the nose feeling it was at least 20 degrees below zero.

So far nothing extraordinary, but the later events of the day were: on the sixth leg, the wind completely disappeared. The sun was shining, and there was no breeze. When skiing, hats and gloves came off, and all possible zippers were pulled open. It didn't help; we were still sweating. This went on for an hour, and then the clouds took over, and the rest of the day was spent half-blind in rather cold air.

However, it was a good day and good skiing kilometres. Towards the end, the terrain was really flat and sliding. Tomorrow there will be uphill climbing. Let’s hope there will also be some visibility.

Today’s picture was taken when the sun was still shining.

Location-85.354973, -80.999477
Altitude1352 m
Temperature-20 °C
Wind1 m/s S
Ski hours9 h
Distance30.4 km (3.4 km/h)
Cumulative610 km
Remaining517 km
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Sun still shines