Day 34 - Good day


Today we finished the 85th degree and moved on to the 86th degree. The snow was smooth and tolerably slippery almost all day. There was a lot of uphill again, but you get used to it: the south pole is at an altitude of about 3000 m.

Thanks for the messages sent to us! Each one is read carefully and at least twice. We get a good laugh out of many. They are the only thing that changes from day to day (besides the weather and snow conditions). There are questions in many messages, which unfortunately, we have no time to answer. However, many questions have already been answered in previous postings on this blog.

Picture of the day illustrates today's lunch: Pasta carbonara. One of the best lunches we have with us. In the morning, lunch is always put into the shared food thermos. Hence, a warm meal is available to eat right away during the lunch break. An excellent system in cold conditions. We actually look forward to lunch: we get warmth, energy and the knowledge that the day is more than half done.

Location-86.101733, -82.051622
Altitude1741 m
Temperature-25 °C
Wind2 m/s SW
Ski hours9 h
Distance28.3 km (3.1 km/h)
Cumulative694 km
Remaining433 km
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Pasta carbonara