Day 44 - The friction is terrible


Today we reached 88th degree. The terrain gradually flattened out, but instead, we got soft, really sticky snow. The first six legs of the day were spent in this glue, and the last three legs were in real sastrugi. The fastest leg was 2.9 km/h, so today, no records were broken. However, we made good progress. The sun was shining, but the wind forced us to protect ourselves really well.

From here on, the terrain should level out, and we should encounter, at most, only small sastrugi. But you never know for sure what you will get here.

Today's picture is Mikko and Mikko's Nerf projectile; the man has been carrying ammunition in his shoe for 44 days without realizing it. The home minions wanted to include a memory of themselves for the man?

Location-88.178773, -82.41349
Altitude2650 m
Temperature-25 °C
Wind7 m/s S
Ski hours9 h
Distance24.7 km (2.7 km/h)
Cumulative925 km
Remaining203 km
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