Day 47 - Grand done


Today we skied the flattest surface of the whole trip. The snow was sticky, and the going was slow, but there were no bumps. This is because we are on the Antarctic Plateau. If we have understood correctly, this continues all the way to the South Pole.

Today we passed a thousand kilometers milestone. This is the amount calculated as the penguin eh crow flies from camp to camp, but in reality, we have skied a little more. There's not much left.

Today Tero's binding broke for good, and we did a field-operation change to a Flexi bandage: it took 25 minutes in the freezing cold. Now, if the bindings still break, walking starts to be on the list of options.

So this didn't turn out to be a typical day either - it's been a few days since we've pulled a boring nine-hour together to make it in time for the evening activities.

Today's picture shows an ordinary landscape.

Location-88.878287, -82.187045
Altitude2740 m
Temperature-30 °C
Wind2 m/s SE
Ski hours9 h
Distance26.8 km (3.0 km/h)
Cumulative1003 km
Remaining125 km
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Antarctic plateau