Day 48 -The final degree


Today we reached the last one, i.e. the 89th degree, in great, cold but rather windy skiing weather. This means in practice:

  • There is only a short way to go: even a carpenter can count the days with the fingers of one hand.
  • We crap in a bag: in the last degree, all organic waste is collected.
  • Degree booze: traditions must be maintained.

Today's photo shows a happy Tero. The man has had problems keeping his hands warm during skiing in the extreme cold of the past few days. Today, the man humbled himself and dug out the most robust "emergency gloves" he could find in the sledge for skiing, and the problem was solved: "it's like skiing with your hands tucked up to your cojones,” the man described his feelings. Thanks, Marmot. (Really, not the basic "I'm thanking the sponsor here" - thank you).

Location-89.124868, -81.837442
Altitude2782 m
Temperature-30 °C
Wind2 m/s SE
Ski hours9 h
Distance27.4 km (3.0 km/h)
Cumulative1030 km
Remaining97 km
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Tero is very happy with warm mittens