Day 49 - A good solid day


We've had quite a bit of mod lately, especially with the gear. The days have not passed without surprises. For a long time, our biggest wish has been a solid, good day. Today it came true: we left in the morning on time, we skied in fantastic, slightly warmer weather, the breaks stayed in check, and nothing broke. A very good day, altogether.

The terrain we got to ski today was like a salt desert: endlessly flat and white. This should have been available a little earlier.

Picture of the day Mikko's sun salutation. The man had to continue filling his morning bag during the afternoon break. He said that the sun warmed the testicles nicely.

Location-89.369445, -80.750135
Altitude2748 m
Temperature-20 °C
Wind0 m/s SE
Ski hours9 h
Distance27.2 km (3.0 km/h)
Cumulative1058 km
Remaining70 km
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Mikko's sun salutation