Day 51 - Now we're close


We've been really lucky (once), or here on the Antarctic plateau, the sun always shines, and there's not a hint of wind. So it was great skiing weather, and we proceeded according to the plan about 17 km to the South Pole. Tomorrow we will wake up as normal and ski there. The collective relief in the tent is palpable: now we are so close that the only thing preventing us from succeeding would be a meteor falling from the sky.

In today's picture, Mikko points to the research station visible in the background. Appears at least a few pixels in size. Just believe, it’s there.

Location-89.848123, -72.256943
Altitude2806 m
Temperature-25 °C
Wind0 m/s S
Ski hours9 h
Distance26.3 km (2.9 km/h)
Cumulative1111 km
Remaining17 km
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Mikko points to the research station