Freight packed


After almost three years of preparation, things are getting real. Suddenly we have dwelled with contracts, information forms, and tickets. We have now bought our flights Helsinki - Amsterdam - Santiago de Chile - Punta Arenas and back, and reserved accommodation in Chile. Our flight operator from Punta Arenas onwards - Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE) - has approved us for this season and invoiced us.

Regardless of all of the above one of the most concrete tasks has been packing our freight. Each and every item has gone through our hands, weighted to the gram, recorded to a sheet, and carefully packed into the freight boxes. As containers, we have two self-made plywood boxes. They need to be solid enough to hold all the way up to Punta Arenas but on the other hand light enough not to explode our freight budget.

After a full day of packing the end result was two exactly 120kg boxes. In addition to those all our clothing and electronics will travel with us, and from Punta Arenas we'll buy some food items (like olive oil).

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Freight box