Summer training


3 Poles expedition started the active preparation phase almost exactly three years ago. This marks also the time when we started our scheduled joint training: we agree to pull a tire (see image below) every Saturday at 8 am. The session would last 2-4 hours. For winters we'd switch to sled pulling, and in the summers we'd keep a short break from training.

This mode of training continued until this date. Naturally, we had to skip some weekends. But the premise of our weekly training was held until the end.

When we started we had 20 kg extra weight on top of the tire. After some getting used to we switched to 25 kg which we kept until the end. We mainly trained at Pirttimäki in Espoo; a public outdoor area with wide fire roads and lots of hills. Over time a myriad of people stopped us to ask what the heck we were doing.

Training load changed tremendously: at times it felt like the tire was glued to the surface, but at times we were running on bearings. Steep hills kept us occupied no matter the conditions. Our average speed varied between 2.7 and 4.2 km/h. Most importantly, our bodies were accustomed to the expedition skiing loads. And we were always in good mood after the training!

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Pulling tyres