Grocery shopping and dividing food to portions


Today's theme was crystal clear: food. We brought most of our food from Finland (thanks, K-Citymarket Järvenpää), but fresh products have to be sourced locally.

Punta Arenas has one bigger grocery store. Walking there took an hour and doubled as our daily exercise. At the store, the fun began: finding all we need in an unknown store with most packaging looking different from what we are accustomed to. And without a common language: nobody here speaks English, and our Spanish is elementary: we know (most) numbers and we can say a couple of common words like yes and no.

After wandering for ninety minutes we had everything we came in for. Most importantly:

  • 7 liters of olive oil
  • 5 kg butter
  • 2.4 kg cheese
  • 5 kg salami
  • 200 tea bags
  • 1 kg of sugar

None of that is healthy, but arctic and antarctic diet is fully functional and optimized to keep skiers skiing instead of them living old.

When we got all our food packed we took a cab back to the hotel and started the other part of this exercise: dividing (by the gram) all of our food like oatmeal and nuts into daily portions. Also, removing all extra packaging material from teabags un such. This took hours but had to be done as we could not have done this in Finland: in the cargo, all our food had to be in original packaging.

The result of this was a couple of dry bags of densely packed food. The products requiring the fridge wait to be transferred to ALE fridge tomorrow.

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Lots of salami