Final touches


Today we squared out all the food and equipment. We started by packing our candies. Both men to their taste: Mikko took bags as is, Tero on the other hand is unable to regulate himself with candy, so he packed the candies in small daily portions.

Thereafter we were ready to finalize all our bags going to Antarctica: 220 kg of equipment had to be divided into bags under 25 kg. And everything should survive airport ground crew handling. On top of this we have our regular carry-ons with important electronics, and the warm clothing we need after landing in Antarctica.

While we were at it we calculated the exact amount of gear we will have when we depart: both sleds have 105 kg payload, and the sled weights 7,5 kg on top of that. 112,5 kg in total. That's a lot of stuff, but luckily 75,2 kg of that is food and white gas. We can make our effort lighter by just eating more!

In today's picture, Mikko is a happy man, trying out his skiing insulation. We have a DIY insulated skirt, and a Marmot insulated vest. These are meant for quick temperature regulation; both can be dressed quickly when on skis and wearing the sled pull harness.

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Mikko testing his ski insulation