The expedition is at the Union Glacier


In the morning, the departure was moved forward a couple of times, but finally, at 12:20 the time of departure arrived: the bus picked us up (and the other expeditions) from the hotels, we dropped the stuff left in the city at ALE, and we went to the airport and through the security to the 757. On our way to the airport, it was fun to talk with other expeditions and compare preparation and experiences.

The flight time was about four hours. During the flight, it was cloudy, and we couldn't see anything, but when we landed, the scenery was picturesque. The wind was really strong on the glacier airfield. From there, we sledged nine kilometers away to the actual campsite. The place has clearly been chosen well because there is practically no wind in the camp. At times, it's even warm outside. The sun shines really mercilessly, almost directly from above.

Today we found out that we won't be able to get to the starting point tomorrow. At least two nights in this camp. It goes quickly because tomorrow, there is a full schedule of various safety and other meetings. We live here in the camp and throughout the skiing in Chilean time, i.e. UTC-3h.

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Union Glacier