Day 1 - uphill


Today was the first actual skiing day of our trip. We left the seaside of Hercules Inlet's land border at 8:48 in the morning. The first days on this route are pretty brutal: a large part of the entire 1130 km ascent is done in the early days. So today, we skied only uphill for six hours. There were 311 meters of ascent. 6 meters of descent. With the heavy pack at the beginning, you could feel it in the leg muscles. The good thing is that the snow is rock-hard, and the sledge follows really nicely.

The route goes around some ravine areas, so today, the actual skiing distance and the distance calculated from the straight-line coordinates are different numbers. For the rest of the route, we hardly turn around after the start, which is why the trips listed in these articles are always straight-line distances.

The weather here is surprising, to say the least: today, we skied part of the trip without gloves, but on the other hand, when we set up the tent in the evening, it was quite chilly and windy. It is difficult to measure the temperature when the sun affects it so much.

Good day; we will continue with the cozy speed for the next few days as planned. There’s time later to pick up the pace when the hills have been crossed, and the sledge gets lighter.

Location-80.02277, -80.202263
Altitude511 m
Temperature-20 °C
Wind7 m/s S
Ski hours6 h
Distance12.4 km (2.1 km/h)
Cumulative12 km
Remaining1109 km
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Camp day 1