Day 3 - against the wind with a smile


Antarctica continues to serve: today, right from the start, the wind picked up. We were surprised while skiing as the hoods wouldn’t stay covering our heads, and we started to feel the wind on our cheeks. Even pushing forward was really laborious, and our muscles were burning. The anemometer told us the reason: 12-15 m/s. During the whole day, it did not fall below 8 m/s for a moment.

After a little fine-tuning of the equipment, we pushed happily against the wind, as long as you just accepted that today's speed would not make your head spin.

While digging for a balaclava to protect from the wind, Tero served Mikko a bit of comedy: the beanie flew out of his hands and immediately went downwind, pushed by the wind. Tero ran after, but the journey ended short - literally like hitting a wall - when the man forgot that he was attached to the sledge with a pull cord. After detaching the carabiner, a new attempt was made to save the beanie. Happy ending: you wouldn't want to lose stuff on the third day.

After six legs, set up the camp and turn on the stoves. Now is the first evening when the tent is not warmed by the sun: the sky is too cloudy and the ventilation too effective. It's still not actually cold here in the tent; one survives fine without the gloves.

Today we also encountered for the first time expedition food, which was too hot even for us, who like spicy food. We ate by force since you can't really spit on your plate here.

Today's photo shows Mikko enjoying lunch with his back to the 15 m/s wind.

Location-80.241237, -80.687137
Altitude753 m
Temperature-10 °C
Wind15 m/s S
Ski hours6 h
Distance12.8 km (2.1 km/h)
Cumulative39 km
Remaining1085 km
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Windy break