Day 6 - From darkness to light


In the morning, the tent was more humid than normal. The cloudiness has been so complete that the sun drying up the gear didn't work anymore. We got up from the tent to the same show which we left the previous evening: quite strong wind, a lot of moving snow, and poor visibility.

We had no choice but to take an instrument flight into the darkness. Right during the first leg, Mikko stumbled a bit, and the ski shoe’s front iron partially twisted off. We were able to kick the shoe back into skiing condition (and even better in the tent in the evening). At this point, however, you had to use a longer-handled scoop and dig deep for skiing motivation.

Lunchtime came, and low and behold: the sky opened! We were suddenly able to see for miles around us, and even the Three Sails (pictured) that were dissed yesterday came into view. This is where the mood started to rise. During the last legs, the terrain evened out. After eight hours of skiing, we arrived at the campsite in a very good mood. Now we just hope that the good terrain and skiing weather will continue tomorrow. We can still go without pushing it hard, but now there should be a possibility to increase the daily mileage.

Location-80.52354, -80.50046
Altitude840 m
Temperature-5 °C
Wind8 m/s SE
Ski hours8 h
Distance18.1 km (2.3 km/h)
Cumulative71 km
Remaining1054 km
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Three Sails