Day 8 - Getting used to the wind


Today we set off again in a relatively strong wind. We have gotten used to the wind so well that we had to use the meter to find that it was almost 10 m/s; the brain thought the wind was much less.

The first leg was terrible: the sastrugi were crosswise, and the going was really tough. Fortunately, we noticed that we were going in a slightly too transverse direction, and the rest of the day was a little easier. The snow was sticky the whole day: this is due to the new snow carried by the wind that has not yet melted and hardened into an ice-hard surface.

In the last couple of legs, the terrain clearly started to level out. This gives us hope for the coming days (weeks): maybe from now on, it will be a little easier.

A couple of hours after setting up the camp, the situation was special: The sun was shining from a windless sky, and the wind was only 1-2 m/s.

As a reminder, our thermometer still practically always shows -4 degrees centigrade, even though it's definitely much colder here at times.

Someone asked in a message what the view is when skiing here. In today's picture, the so-called escort skier's view, i.e. Mikko's unimaginably strong race polka (followed by Mikko's sledge).

Location-80.865927, -80.257857
Altitude793 m
Temperature-4 °C
Wind9 m/s S
Ski hours8 h
Distance19.4 km (2.4 km/h)
Cumulative110 km
Remaining1016 km
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Mikko and his unimaginably strong race polka