Day 10 - Happy Independence Day!


We live here in Chilean time, which is currently five hours behind Finnish time. So here we are, still firmly on the side of Independence Day. Happy Independence Day!

There isn't much to write home about the day's skiing: we started in sandpaper-like snow, and we went on it for the first six hours, but luckily the sliding improved for the last couple of hours. Sun was shining almost the whole day. All in all, an excellent day.

So let's use the text of the day for something more important by thanking Finnish people who are important to the expedition at this very moment, today:

  • Families and the people who support them: It's clear, even without more ranting, that we wouldn't be skiing here if things weren't going well at home.
  • Our online and social media team: Jappe, Apo, Antti and Vesa worked hard to make sure people have something to read, and we get messages back here.
  • Poppis: The man's wool sock over the willie ski trick still works. The ski skirt was too warm today, so when the wind comes from the direction of the zipper (as it always does here), you have to come up with something else.
  • Mother-in-law: From the woollen socks mentioned above. They were a bit small for the feet but is perfectly covering the other thing.

Congratulations to North Pole veteran Jermi Tertsunen on his promotion to major! It went to the right man.

In today's picture, the dynamic duo is at the end of this day of skiing.

Location-81.22639, -80.205063
Altitude771 m
Temperature-15 °C
Wind4 m/s S
Ski hours8 h
Distance20.2 km (2.5 km/h)
Cumulative150 km
Remaining976 km
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Dynamic duo