Day 25 - Afternoon at the sastrugi park


Today we got snow after a long, long time, which was not against us. The recent strong winds and the sun together must have hardened the snow’s surface. The sledge followed as it was designed to do. This continued for about five legs - then the snow softened, and the sastrugi started. We didn't let that get in the way: we still got the best kilometers so far and through those five slippery legs, a promise of a brighter future.

In the photo of the day, the chaps are skiing. Regarding the equipment in the picture, a word about protection from the sun and wind: The hood is the most important piece of equipment for us. It's easy to put on and off, and the well-designed hood (thanks Sasta!) keeps even the strong wind off your face surprisingly well.

We wear either a ski beanie or a windproof balaclava. In the picture, Tero has the first and Mikko the second. The balaclava has a mask part that can be lowered over the face, providing pretty much complete protection from the wind. However, Mikko doesn't have it on his face, but both of us have a Beko mask in the picture. Or someone else like that, as I'm not sure about the name anymore. This is a genius product in its simplicity: it goes around the ears and stays on the cheeks and nose. The material is porous and light and is hardly noticeable on the face. Originally we intended to use this mask mainly for sun protection, but we have ended up using it a lot against the wind as well.

Ski goggles are practically always on the eyes: in cold weather, the ones with red lenses, and when the sun shines, the darkest ones available on the market. The sun is really strong here, and that's why we also apply sunscreen daily to the few spots that are visible from the rest of the protection. Not forgetting the lips.

Location-83.82341, -80.468243
Altitude1285 m
Temperature-15 °C
Wind4 m/s S
Ski hours9 h
Distance26.7 km (3.0 km/h)
Cumulative439 km
Remaining687 km
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Hooded men with skiis