Day 42 - A bouncy start to the day


Today's day started a little weak: Tero was already outside with the stuff when Mikko shouted from inside the tent that the zipper of the shell pants was broken. After a short review of the situation, it only helped to settle for temporary adjustments to cover Mikko's front.

We started half an hour late. At first, it was quite cold for skiing, but after five hours, the sun shone and brought a little warmth. The third quarter of the 87th was better terrain than we had feared, and we were able to keep a good pace. However, due to the adjustments in the morning, the day was an hour shorter, so we didn't quite reach the day's goal. At the end of the day, the binding of Mikko's ski broke in half: tomorrow, we will go skiing with it, but the probability that it will break tomorrow or one of the following days is high. We don't have another NNNBC spare binding, so we need to screw the next strap binding onto the ski. It can't be done on the fly, but it might take a couple of hours for the binding to be fixed onto the ski and a show to be attached to the binding. Until then.

Picture of the day: In the evening, Antarctis Sugaring & Shaving (ASS) gathered first to make room for more skin patches on Mikko's stomach. After that, the Antarctic Sewing Club (ASC) continued to repair Mikko's pants that fell apart in the morning back to their original condition. There was no shortage of things to do.

Location-87.720498, -83.641903
Altitude2501 m
Temperature-30 °C
Wind2 m/s E
Ski hours8 h
Distance24.7 km (3.1 km/h)
Cumulative874 km
Remaining253 km
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