Back at home


Our trip home went well... except in Santiago de Chile we surprisingly had to take out our checked-in baggage, and re-check it in. We had only 1h 30min reserved, and we also had to change the terminal, go through immigration to check out the country, and go through the security check. One of us ran beforehand - with just a couple of bags - to another terminal to hold the desk. At the same time, another one of us remained to get the rest of the bags and ran after. We made it with just 4 minutes of leeway. After this, we had to jump the immigration queue, and after all the hassle we boarded the plane last.

Now both of us are happily with our families. So far mostly resting, and servicing our gear, but little by little we are more and more inside our day to day lives.

This is the last post on this blog. Feel free to contact us directly if you wish to get more information, presentations, or guidance for a similar trip.

Thank you to all the followers!

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Mikko and Tero at the geographic South Pole